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The Question is: does It Work?

Does attraction marketing work? The short answer to this question is yes, but there are plenty of fantastic examples of how it works. One good one is to consider the election of Mr. Obama. Regardless of whether you are from the U.S. or not, and no matter what side of the ticket you were rooting for, one thing has to be said. Mr. Obama’s ability to use Internet marketing, including attraction marketing methods, helped him win this election, according to many professionals.

Obama used the various tools in Internet marketing to help him to win his election because he and his campaign moreover knew the importance and success it could bring. The world goes to the web to learn what it needs to, in today’s culture. More so, the Internet provides an easy, affordable way to reach millions of people every single day. No other medium offers this.

Any Internet marketer can apply the lessons learned to their own Internet business. There are three main parts to developing a successful attraction marketing campaign, but the good news is that none of them are difficult, costly or overly time consuming.

Here, we’ll explore these three parts and find out how you can put them to use no matter what type of Internet marketing business you have.

  1. Consumers find you, your products or services on the web.
  2. In short, they are as follows:
  3. Consumers allow you to contact them.
  4. You provide consumers with information they can use and benefit from, through email, and keep your business in front of them all the time.

To better understand how to do this, keep reading.

Part 1: Consumers Find You

The first step in the process is to get people to find you online. Remember, with attraction marketing, they are coming to you. You are not going out searching for them and advertising directly. So, how do you get more people to find you online?

Website Design First

There are several ways to accomplish this. First, the ultimate first step is to have a useful website and/or blog where you can talk with, work with and interact with your visitors. You will need to ensure it is information based rather than a sales gimmick. Online, sales gimmicks, long sized sales letters are less likely to work than other methods of marketing, especially in attraction marketing.  Make sure your website tells visitors that you are providing a service to them, information to them and not a sales ad to convince them to buy.

Article Directories

Next, you will need to get your information out there. For example, develop excellent articles and detailed outlines related to your business or product and then get it out into the mainstream. You can post them on various article directories.

The benefit of doing this is two-fold. Due to the extreme popularity of many of these websites, Google ranks articles quickly there and many get first page Google results if they are optimized properly. This means that when someone looking for information on a product or service you are offering searches for it in Google, chances are good your article will pop up as a result.

Another benefit is that quality article directories work for what their intended purpose is. That purpose is to allow webmasters to pick up these articles (with your resource box on them) and use them on their websites or in their blogs. Their readers instantly get to read what you are talking about and they can click on the link and take it back to your website where they can buy what you are offering.

Yet another extension of this is the ability to get that golden back link to your website. This alone helps to boost your website’s ranking in Google’s search engines, and in other search engines.  The more back links pointing into your website, the more people will find you and the better Google ranks your website. And, all you have done is write an article.

Social Networking Websites

From this point, there are many other ways to build that successful attraction marketing.  One of the most attractive, enjoyable ways to get your business out there is, in fact, to talk about it! Social networking is what it sounds like. It is a method of communicating with others about anything you want to, really.

Most social networking websites where not started to help businesses to grow, but most of them are able to be used this way. Going back to our example, Mr. Obama used many of them to get to his people.

This is what you are looking for, too. You are looking for a way to give people information. Once they have that information, they can then come to you to get what they need. This works in any type of Internet niche, too.

Social networking sites include any of the following:

  • Digg.com   Find useful articles and blog postings and Digg them. The more Digg’s received, the more people will read the article and therefore come to the website.
  • Facebook.com Great for meeting, socializing and talking about yourself, your business or anything else. Connect with thousands of people here.
  • YouTube.com Great for informational videos and socializing. Who doesn’t want to watch a few YouTube videos every now and then? Use them to help market your business indirectly.

There are many, many more websites that can be used like this. The key is to really use those where you think the best results can be found, but also where you find yourself enjoying it


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